Judging the unjudgeable: Malaysian Website Awards (WMA)

I feel so honoured to be appointed as one of the judge for Exabytes’s MWA. Malaysia Website Awards 2018 (MWA)is a prestigious Website Awards program organised by Exabytes Group of Companies, a Leading Web Hosting Provider in Southeast Asia.

Sadly, a number of websites in the nomination does not take performance as a core pillar for their websites.

Look at this example;

This is a very bad example. The website landing page is 18.4 MB and it take up to 24s to load. According to Google’s 2015 research websites that take more than 3 seconds to load more likely to loose al most half of the visitors.

Giving our awards for websites is a good thing. After all there is some efforts by webmasters to improve their websites.

[To be updated]