Moodle badges will become locked and you cant change the criteria once its issued. Thefore editing Moodle badge after it is issued to users is impossible from the backend.

Moodle Badges Locked



However, you still can edit the badge criteria from your Moodle database.

Before doing any changes to the database, ensure you have made backup of your database and Moodle files. Wrong alteration to Moodle database tables may cause your Moodle stop working!

Step 1 – Editing Moodle Badge

Login to your phpMyAdmin or other database management tools. If you using cPanel, phpMyAdmin is available in cPanel. If you using dedicated server, you can download phpMyAdmin and place it in your Moodle directory and access it via URL. Typically no installation needed. However having phpMyAdmin on real production server without making changes to secure it, may cause security issues.

Step 2

Locate the badges related tables in your Moodle database.

editing moodle badge

Step 3

Open mdl_badge and identify your badge id.

editing moodle badge

In the image shown above, my badge id is 15.

Step 4

Now open mdl_badge_criteria table. Identify the criteria id for my badgeid 15.

editing moodle badge

In this image my criteria id is 17.

Step 5

Finally open the mdl_criteria_param table.

Look at the line which has critid 17 which refer to my badge.

editing moodle badge

Now you can change name and value to reflect different completion.

If you unsure what to change here, simply create a dummy badge which has the values you want to change to. Then it will also reflected in this table. Copy values from dummy badge to your present badge.

For further help, comment!