Installing LetsEncrypt SSL in ServerPilot based servers

LetsEncrypt is free SSL certificate authority service that you can use in any server for free. You don’t have to subscribe to expensive SSL certificates to go https. Few years back Google announced that SSL enabled sites will have better ranking in Google Search Results.

If you running DigitalOcean(DO) VPS using ServerPilot control panel, here is easy way to get LetsEncrypt with an installer to install and renew.

  1. Login to SSH using and you will need root privileges to run the installer: sudo su
  2. Download sudo wget /usr/bin/php
  3. Make it executable: [code]sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/[/code]
  4. [code]cd /usr/bin/php[/code]
  5. [code]sudo ./[/code]
  6. A wizard will popup and follow the wizard to complete the SSL installation.
  7. [code]sudo service nginx-sp restart[/code]
  8. Done! Check your site should have https now!

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