Malaysian Open Source Conference 2017 will be held on 17-19 May 2017 at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Bangi Malaysia.

I have been speaking at this conference regularly. This year I have submitted 2 talks;

Your Open Source Smart Home

This talk is about how you can use Open Source tools to convert your home into connected smart home. Get to know how you can setup your own Raspberry Pi and Linux to automate your home appliances.
This talk also highlights the evolution of technology and why open source is important.

Using CMS for Web Portals

This topic will highlight advantages of using Joomla! or WordPress for web portals.
CMS has been evolved over the time and now you can even use CMS as an apps platform with multiple data endpoint.
If you are confused between different CMS and suitability for your project, come and join this talk.

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