How to disable right click in Moodle

Disabling right click is a stupid way of protecting one’s content. If your browser able to read the content, so does the user. The user able to download / copy or do whatever they want to do. That’s a fact! Moodle However if you are a Moodle user, you may notice  ‘Save Video as’ option […]

Editing Moodle Badge after its issued

Moodle badges will become locked and you cant change the criteria once its issued. Thefore editing Moodle badge after it is issued to users is impossible from the backend.     However, you still can edit the badge criteria from your Moodle database. Before doing any changes to the database, ensure you have made backup […]

Adding Cron Job for Moodle LMS

A common problem we see when performing health checks of our customer’s Moodle based Learning Management System (LMS) sites is the “cron” process not working. This will affect the performance of the LMS. In most cases the cronjob is setup but not running for various reasons. Here is the easiest way to get your cron […]