Bulk rename files in Mac with specific pattern using CSV file

mac bulk rename specific pattern

I was working on a project to restore over 3000 course files into a LMS system. However the file name I got does not follow the required name format. Mac has built in bulk rename feature (select all files and right click to rename). This only allow search and replace or format the file name. […]

Adding Cron Job for Moodle LMS

A common problem we see when performing health checks of our customer’s Moodle based Learning Management System (LMS) sites is the “cron” process not working. This will affect the performance of the LMS. In most cases the cronjob is setup but not running for various reasons. Here is the easiest way to get your cron […]

Installing LetsEncrypt SSL in ServerPilot based servers

LetsEncrypt is free SSL certificate authority service that you can use in any server for free. You don’t have to subscribe to expensive SSL certificates to go https. Few years back Google announced that SSL enabled sites will have better ranking in Google Search Results. If you running DigitalOcean(DO) VPS using ServerPilot control panel, here […]